Parliament to get vote on final Brexit deal

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Media captionDavis: Parliament will be given time to debate, scrutinise and vote on the final enter into negotiations with the EU

Parliament is to be given a take-it-or leave-it vote on the final Brexit deal before the UK leaves the EU.

Brexit Secretary David Davis said the terms of the UK’s exit, such as money, citizen rights and any transition must become law via a new Act of Parliament.

Labour welcomed a “climbdown” but some MPs warned of a “sham” if rectors could not is also requested to renegotiate.

Sources have told the BBC some Tory mavericks were unimpressed, with one saying the promise was “meaningless”.

BBC government writer Laura Kuenssberg said the announcement was significant because it represented a big concession to potential Tory rebels and Labour MPs at a highly important moment in the Brexit process.