Kirt Webster accused of sexual harassment: What to know about the claims

Former country singer Austin Rick lately claimed on Facebook that he was sexually onslaught and dosed by Kirt Webster, a prominent publicist in Nashville.

Since the accusation rose, some of Webster’s biggest buyers — namely Dolly Parton, Kid Rock and Billy Ray Cyrus , among others — have separated ties with him. He told Fox News in a statement he will make “some time away from the business to focus on combating the egregious and false allegations made against him.”

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Who is Kirt Webster ?

Webster, 43, is a Nashville publicist who was the president and CEO of Webster PR. Fox News was told on Wednesday afternoon Webster will make “some time away from the business to focus on combating the egregious and dishonest allegations made against him.”

Former country singer Austin C. Rick, who performed under the epithet Austin Cody, alleges Webster sexually onslaught and narcotic him — a claim Webster disavows. ( Courtesy Austin C. Rick)

The company announced Wednesday it will continue operating under the epithet Westby PR with former Webster PR Senior Vice President Jeremy Westby as CEO. However, Westby told Fox News on Thursday that Webster is not involved in Westby PR in any capacity.

Webster has worked in the music manufacture in Nashville for over 20 times. In addition to patients like Dolly Parton, his firm has also helped artists like George Jones and Kenny Rogers with their market campaigns.

Who is Austin Rick ?

Austin Rick, whose stage name is Austin Cody, is initially from Waldorf, Maryland. He moved to Nashville in 2008 to work with Webster.

But after a year of suspect sex crime and bother by Webster, Rick moved back to Maryland and stepped away from his vocation, according to the Tennessean .

After intent his country profession, Rick attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He graduated in May with a certain degree in sociology.

Despite moving away, Rick told Fox News that Webster has allegedly tried to contact him as recently as this year.

Rick composed a GoFundMe page on Oct. 31 to facilitate paid under his legal rewards as he prepares to take Webster to courtroom over the allegations.

Rick said he stood months of “terrible, terrible” abuse at the pass of Webster.

“He sexually aggression me repeatedly, he medication and sexually violated me, he offered me notoriety opportunities and periodical row in exchange for sexual behaves. He paid me to retain my opening shut, ” Rick wrote on his GoFundMe page and on Facebook.

He is crowdfunding $15,000 for his legal fees.

Rick said he was inspired to share his legend after the #MeToo social media progress disappeared viral, which started after endless charges against famed Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein came to light.


What has happened since Rick came forward ?

Webster has denied Rick’s claims. Since then, more of Webster’s former works have stepped forward with harassment accusations against him. One ex-employee, a soldier who requested anonymity, told Fox News “There[ is] unprofessional behavior gush unrestrained through that locate as long as I’ve known.”

Another female hire, told Fox News Webster once grabbed her fuzz and “humped” her in front of fellow staff members. She called the behavior “typical, ” and said her onetime boss would “caress me” on several occasions.

Many former hires too detailed floors of unsolicited physical contact. And, in addition to Rick, other soldiers have come forward with accusations against Webster.


Cody Anderson, 33, told Fox News on Wednesday that Webster propositioned him for gender while he was working as an apprentice for Webster PR in 2010.

Webster should not proceed Fox News’ several requests for provide comments on the allegations.

What’s happening now?

Police are not following Rick’s charges against Webster because a statute of limitations prevents them from doing so, the Tennessean reported.

However, in addition to Parton, Rock, and Cyrus, many of Webster’s patients have also left the company. Those creators include: Justin Moore, Naomi Judd, Charlie Daniels and more.

Parton tweeted Friday that she “hopes the accusations are not true .

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