Skypes big redesign publicly launches to desktop users

Earlier this year, Skype pioneered a revamped edition of its application offering a heavier focus on media sharing and social expression tools, in an effort to better compete with most modern social communication services, like Slack and even Snapchat. Today, the company is publicly launching the new version of Skype to the desktop, including on Mac, Windows 10( November 2016 inform and lower ), Windows 8, Windows 7, and Linux.

The app had been in Preview on the desktop since August.

During that time, Microsoft says it responded to user feedback in determining which features to prioritize, as it transitioned Skype’s new look to the desktop platform.

For instance, one of Skype’s more controversial facets- a Snapchat “Stories”-like mode announced “Highlights”- is not available in the desktop app at this time. The decision was realise located immediately on Skype testers’ feedback, we understand. While the company still wants to add Highlights to the desktop in a later handout, for now it remains a mobile-only feature.

Instead, if you want to share what you’re up to with your Skype contacts on desktop, you can change your existence or place a feeling send, thanks to the income of status updates.

However, the new desktop form of Skype does include many of the other changes introduced in the redesign, including its overall more coloured and youthful find. In radical alterations, for instance, each person’s messages can be color-coded in colors of blue, orange and pink, with the option to “react” to words with emoji icons, similar to how you can respond in Facebook’s Messenger.

These reaction emoji are available during video summons, very, allowing you to send a big emoji that’s temporarily overlaid on top of the video caller’s space. It’s the kind of boast that concludes Skype seem like it’s striving for a more boyish demographic, rather than one that serves its professional call cases.

The updated Skype also includes personalization options, like ability to theme the app( e.g ., with a brand-new, darker topic, which is currently en fad with apps like Twitter and YouTube ), and the ability to organize your contact list to your partiality. You can unionize contacts by occasion, unread or status, as well as rod people and groups to have them more easily accessible.

One of the new Skype’s more useful boasts is the media hall links with each chat that helps you soon unearth shared content from a dialogue, like media, tie-ups and registers. This can be sorted by category, more, for easier pursuits. And because enter sharing is cloud-based, you can send files up to 300 MB.

Like most social apps today, you can now use @mentions to capture a person’s attention in a conversation, and like challengers Slack, Messenger, and others, Skype gives “youre using” bots and add-ins to get things done. For speciman, a Hipmunk, Expedia, and StubHub bots help you journal tickets; Microsoft’s Scoop bot stops you updated on the word; Giphy tells you share GIFs inside chitchats; while other add-ins let you planned events, mail fund, and act other tasks.( Bots are broadly accessible; but add-ins can be used to Skype Insiders simply for now ).

Microsoft declined to say how many total active consumers Skype today has, which hints that it hasn’t grown significantly since the 300 million monthly customers the company announced at last year’s Build conference.( For comparison’s reason, Skype’s recent challenger in the workplace, Slack, announced 6 million daily useds in September. Skype, in other words, may not be as’ cool, ’ but it’s still an app relied upon by a sizable radical .)

However, Microsoft did point out that Skype has now surpassed a billion downloads on Android, has generated 2 trillion hours of video orders since 2006, and today’s useds obligate up to 3 billion instants of scolds per day.

The brand-new explanation of Skype for desktop can either be downloaded manually, or may be reeled out via automated informs, if facilitated. Windows 10 users higher than the November 2016 update will receive an update with the new features.

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