Trump: We cannot aid Puerto Rico ‘forever’

Washington( CNN) President Donald Trump indicated Thursday that Puerto Rico is going to have to shoulder more responsibility for recovery efforts from Hurricane Maria, saying the federal government’s disaster responders can’t stay there “forever.”

His observations — in which he too accused the beleaguered island for a financial crisis “largely of their own making” and infrastructure that was a “disaster” before the hurricane — come as Puerto Rico still reels from a lack of electricity, public health access and a rising death toll. The notes promptly spurred exclaims from Democratic lawmakers, who “re saying that” Puerto Rico still needs a lot of promotion, as well as the mayor of San Juan, who said they were “unbecoming” and appeared to come from a “hater in chief.”
Meanwhile, Texas and Florida — two states Trump won during last year’s presidential election — also were struck by severe hurricanes lately, but the President has reached no public indication that the federal government is attracting back on its response there.