Spain Readies Forces Able to Seize Catalan Leader Today

Spanish police are ready to arrest Catalan President Carles Puigdemont immediately if he affirms objectivity in the regional parliament, is in accordance with two beings familiar with the government’s plans.

While a final decision on whether to act has not been able to been taken, Spain’s National Police force has elite police deployed in Catalonia who are prepared to join a raid if Catalan police to continue efforts to shield Puigdemont, said one of the person or persons. If Puigdemont makes a statement that descends short of immediate neutrality, the government in Madrid may abide its hand.

The president is likely to use the words” testimony of freedom ,” but they will probably be qualified or hedged in some way, according to another person familiar with his schemes. The Catalan government spokesman declined to comment on Puigdemont’s speech at a press briefing in Barcelona on Tuesday.

Puigdemont is due to address the regional legislature at 6 p.m with many of his supporters looking for him to announce a brand-new republic achieving compliance with the makeshift referendum held on Oct. 1. With his core backers challenging he make good on the illegal be voting in favour of objectivity and officials in Madrid advising Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to finally crack down on the separatist campaign, Puigdemont’s rebellion may be running out of road.

Rajoy has insisted all along that he’ll operation exclusively proportionate force in relation to the separatist government in Barcelona. Even so, prosecutors have been examining indicts of sedition against other separatist masters including Jordi Sanchez, heads of state of the most difficult pro-independence safarus radical. Sedition carries a jail period of up to 15 years.

The National Police and the Civil Guard have sufficient policemen in place to overcome any fight they might congregate, according to one of the people very well known the government’s groomings. Both parties invited not to be called discussing confidential plans.

A government press officer declined to comment other than to say that any such decision would have to be ordered by a judge.

The uncertainty hanging over Spain has hit government bonds and stocks. The standard IBEX stock index was down 1.1 percent as of 1:30 p.m. in Madrid.

Rajoy has vowed to use all the law represents at his dumping to avoid Catalonia seceding after Puigdemont’s government flouted a series of Constitutional Court rules to go ahead with the referendum. Catalan police neglected requires to grab ballot box ahead of the voting rights. The Spanish government has stationed thousands of National Police in cruise ship in the Port of Barcelona.

Albert Rivera, chairwoman of the centrist Ciudadanos party that has supported Rajoy’s stance on Catalonia, said it’s time to stop using euphemisms. Any manifesto of liberty by Puigdemont –” whether it’s all in currency or paid under over duration” — is” an attack on republic and you have to respond ,” he said at instruct Tuesday, Efe news wire reported.

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