BRB Forever: TC Writers Discuss Their Favorite Memories Of AIM Before It Disappears Because 2017 Is The Worst

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What’ 90 s child didn’t invest hours after school typing apart at AOL Instant Messenger on their parents’ computer? I, for one, lived for the horrendous dial flavor that let me know the Internet was officially firing up, and when the” entrance open” seem tooted from my orators as I penetrated a chat room, I find a thrill.

Well, they are able to kiss all those caches goodbye because AIM is officially on fatality sequence and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Honestly, a lot of us are devastated despite not logging into our notes for a good decade now( wow I’m old ), and can you blame us? AIM was the building block of our part social suffer in the’ 00 s. If you didn’t flirt with your humble over the original DM, did you even a subdue?

So to commemorate such a beautiful, odd time in our lives, we questioned our columnists about their usernames, their away contents, and their fondest AIM caches, because why not? Make us GRIEVE.

Chrissy Stockton

” My sn was like xxlucky1 3x and my away words were sugarcult melodics. I used it to talk to boys I was too shy to talk to at school. Like they would path by me and I wouldn’t say anything to them but I would talk to them on AIM later that night. I would also etch out the conversations and employ them in my diary .”

Molly Burford

” Mine was wildchild9 2m and my away sends usually had some cryptic extinction taxi words and and lol bored txt it( high school was a dark season )”

Kendra Syrdal

” my sn changed a knot but i’m pretty sure at one point it was kendrahatescake. i used it almost exclusively to talk to my many suitors and your best friend about said numerous boyfriends, there were always words in my away send( avril, augustana, demise cab, my chemical tale, terror! to appoint a few) and there was constant arguing in the syrdal household because i would try to log in while my mom was on the phone contributing her the terrifying dial-up tone right in her ear .”

Callie Byrnes

” My sn was tenleafclover( I was a child okay) and my away word was whatever emo, moody-ass carol I was haunted with at that point in time( does anyone still retain” Ohio Is For Lovers “???). Tbh I largely merely abused aim to further my social justice begins by starting engages with classmates about LGBTQ rights and feminism, even though I was a placid, gentle duck who never spoke to anyone irl .”

Marisa Donnelly

” xoxosmilesbabyxoxo. Abused to message my crushes, leave insidious( but totally obvious) away messages to exes, and to meet cool sketches with lots of shades .”

Katie Mather

” Mine was something with my initials because my very fun( strict) catholic academy have said that males were going to come find us and kill us if our screen names were apparently girl words (?????) and that startled the shit out of me and my away sends were ALWAYS” at[ insert banal undertaking now] order/ txt :’) ))))))” because I didn’t listen to cool enough music to give any poetics”

They say broken off is hard to do, but nothing is harder than breaking up with the fondest parts of our boy. Before we send away our beloved messenger eternally, here are some last words about how AIM indeed changed our lives 😛 TAGEND

Chrissy:” I almost never became friends with our friend bc she asked for my sn in college and it was ” chrizzlecouture” and she remembered( rightfully) I was a basic bitch and it weirded her out .”

Kendra:” i used a great deal of ~* in my away meanings and it clearly made an impact to this day”

Katie:” that appearing in ur nerve when ur humble ratified on and the door opening reverberate blasted through ur computer orators~* ~”

You will be affectionately missed. Brb AIM , now and forever.

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