Jeremy Corbyn and other famous vegetarian politicians – BBC News

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A long-standing vegetarian, Jeremy Corbyn is now apparently considering becoming a vegan.

The Labour leader is a committed champion of swine claims, who joined the League Against Cruel Sports at institution, and became a vegetarian at persons under the age of 20 after working on a pig farm. He changes a fair amount of his meat on his allotment.

Mr Corbyn now says he is “going through the process” of changing his food because bowls that do not include eggs or milk have improved.

In the notoriously bloodthirsty macrocosm of politics, extending vegetarians have been astonishingly rare over the years, but Mr Corbyn isn’t the first high-profile politician to forego the culinary pleases of the flesh.

Bernard Weatherill

A moderate Conservative politician who became a noted Speaker of the House of Commons, Weatherill was unafraid to stand up to Margaret Thatcher when she dominated the House of Commons with a landslide majority.